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City of Austin Dashboard Indicators
Organizational dashboards provide a summarized snapshot of performance for the most important services that a city provides, so that these measures can easily and frequently be reviewed by city staff, Council and citizens. The City of Austin Dashboard measures were selected in March 2011 using a collaborative process between citizens and city staff. The Dashboard includes 21 of the most critical indicators for the City's success. Taken collectively, these indicators provide a tool for quickly assessing how well the City of Austin is performing in the areas of Public Safety, Community Services, Infrastructure Services, Utilities/Major Business Enterprises, and Economic and Financial Health.

Welcome to the City of Austin's Performance Measures Database. Online since 2005, this database provides the public an opportunity to review the measures of each city department and helps to maintain open communication and transparency with Austin residents.

The City of Austin is committed to providing the highest quality services to our community members. As efforts to be the most livable and best managed city in the country continue, this database provides valuable information needed to sustain service levels, strive for excellence, and continue improvement. Performance measures provide departmental staff and management with the critical operating information they need to assess quality service delivery. Measures provide City management key decision-making information for resource allocation, process improvements and other management decisions. Finally, measures provide the City Council comprehensive data on each department's primary operating functions.

The data shown in the database is based on the most updated information available and could change as more current information is provided.

The Definitions section can be accessed through the header of the database website. This section includes further information on some of the key terms utilized throughout the database.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this database, or any budget inquiry, please contact the Budget Office via email at coa.budget@austintexas.gov or telephone at (512) 974-2610.